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Petition to Philippine Government, House of Representatives - Philippines, Philippine National Police, Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines

Demand police accountability and transparency by requiring body cams and releasing footage

GOAL: 2 000 signaturesIt is the primary duty of the police to serve and protect the citizens by enforcing law and order; however, there have been far too many cases where they become perpetrators of injustice. The Philippines is no stranger to a tainted law enforcement system. Filipino police officers have generally been known to abuse power and authority by automatically resorting to physical force (that ends up in death), arresting people whenever they deem appropriate, and planting evidence against the convicted, to name a few. In fact, since Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016, tens of thousands of Filipinos have died by the guns of policemen, under the president’s war on drugs or fueled by Duterte’s principles.  As of now, the Human Rights Watch have affirmed that the killings in the Philippines increased by 50% during the pandemic. This system of violence and impunity needs to change, before more innocent Filipino blood is shed and the essence of law enforcement becomes fully corrupted. What is being done?  The procurement of modernized police equipment (such as body cameras and dash cameras) began in 2017; however, many delays have been encountered mainly due to the lack of budget. As of the present, only 2 600 body cameras have been acquired. These were set for functional testing and evaluation last October 2020, and would be primarily distributed to anti-drug cops. While the initiative would be of great benefit to reforming the policing system, seemingly, it is still not enough. We ask for the Philippine Government to take appropriate action for police equipment modernization, and should this be in check, make it mandatory for ALL law enforcement officers to have body cameras which must be kept active during police operations. Most importantly, we call for police accountability and transparency by releasing body cam footage of operations, especially with regards to cases of law enforcement brutality and violation of human rights. Why is there a need to release the footage? To build transparency and accountability: Despite the number of abuse and brutality cases, many Filipino police officers are let off the hook for their misconduct because there were no witnesses to record the act. Video footage serves as concrete evidence to what went on during the scene and is a great step towards holding abusers responsible for their actions. To increase public trust in law enforcement: A recent police shooting in Tarlac which was caught on camera has led PNP chief Debold Sinas to deem video/photo evidence as “tricky”. This has led Filipinos to further distrust the efficiency of law enforcement. In general, abuses carried out by police officers have instilled fear in Filipino citizens. Releasing video footage can be used to monitor police misconduct, which is a step in regaining public trust. To bring back the essence of law enforcement: It is the duty of police officers to comply with the law, serve and protect citizens against illegal acts, and uphold human rights & dignity. Thus, police abuses and misconduct are a huge contradiction to what  law enforcers should be. It’s high time that the true essence of law enforcement came back, and that should start with transparency & accountability. Please consider signing our petition to help fight against police abuses and help rebuild the law enforcement system. 

DANTAY: Pula ang Bala
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Petition to U.S. Senate, Kamala D. Harris, U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee

Let's Pass Police Reform-Support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act!

Today, right now, we have a chance for change. We have a chance to make police reform REAL--and to do that, we need to make sure that the United State Senate knows we haven't spent a summer in protest and centuries in turmoil only to be placated with a piece of watered-down legislation that makes "suggestions" where we, the American people, want LAWS.  On June 8, 2020, House and Senate Democrats came together to answer that call and introduce the Justice in Policing Act. This is a multi-clause bill created to drastically reduce the death and violence brought on by excessive and unjust police brutality. It's what we need in this historic moment.  The Justice in Policing Act PROHIBITS AND BANS:-all racial, religious, and other discriminatory profiling-all chokeholds and carotid holds-no-knock warrants in drug-related cases  The Justice in Policing Act LIMITS:-the use of deadly force (by requiring officers to prove that force necessary)-the transfer of military-grade weapons to state and local law enforcement The Justice in Policing Act ENABLES:-the training of law enforcement officials so that they recognize implicit bias and avoid all racial, religious, and other discriminatory profiling-the creation of a national police misconduct registry-that federal, uniformed, police offers wear body cameras-that state and local law enforcement use existing funds to ensure the use of body cameras-that all marked federal vehicles have dashboard cameras-that lynching and other hate crimes be regarded as federal crimes  The Justice in Policing Act ENABLES:-the fair prosecution of reckless police action—in criminal AND civil court On June 17, Senate Republicans introduced a counter-bill...and asked their one African-American Senator to function as its face. It's even called the 'Justice Act'; as though these things could distract us from the fact that this counter-bill is not nearly as strong, as sweeping, or as necessary as the Justice in Policing Act. Tell YOUR Senator and Congressional Representative, today, that this is NOT the time to make police reform a partisan issue. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Atatiana Jefferson, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland, and countless others are NOT opportunities to "score" political points. We, the American people, Democrat and Republican alike, are standing up to demand REAL police reform RIGHT NOW.  Our police force is sworn to protect and serve the people.  Let's hold them to that promise. Let's pass REAL police reform. Sign this petition to get your senators and representatives to support the Justice in Policing Act. ALSO: Visit for more information on how YOU can do even more to help pass police reform! 

T. C. Matthews
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Petition to Chief Shawny Williams, Greg Nyhoff, Vallejo City Council

Fire Vallejo PD Lt. Michael Nichelini

Please fire Lieutenant Michael Nichelini from the Vallejo Police Department. Nichelini's threatening email to journalist Otis Taylor should be the final straw. “Looks like 2021 will be a little bit better not having your biased and uniformed (sic) articles printed in the newspaper that only inflame the public… you have never looked for the truth in any of your writings… We will warn our Georgia colleagues of your impending arrival.” His attorney's excuse that this was written out of frustration is not reassuring. An officer who can't manage his emotions should not be on the force. If Captain Whitney can be fired, so can Lt. Nichelini. Nichelini's recent assertions that he supports reform and 21st Century Policing are not believable in this light. They're only lip service. His history of violent behavior and intimidation of critics speak louder than his words. Chief Williams, please show us that you're serious about reforming the VPD and fire Nichelini. Special thanks to all of the journalists working hard to keep us informed!-photo by John Glidden-

Gretchen Zimmermann
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