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Petition to J.B. Pritzker, Illinois High School Association


High school sports, are essential to the fabric of many communities. High school sports are the main way that residents of many communities connect, but the Covid-19 pandemic has interrupted this long tradition. Nonetheless, many coaches and athletes are prepared to take on the challenge. That’s why every Illinois community must support their efforts.Sports help keep kids involved in school, it helps keep kids off the streets and away from drugs. Some kids rely on sports for scholarships to further their education which otherwise might not be attainable. Sports also help student-athletes increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. There's plenty of evidence that taking part in sports can have a profound and positive impact on mental well-being. Being physically active can improve mood and decrease the chance of depression. The exercise involved in most sports improves teens' health, strength, emotional balance, and life years. While we understand the current health concerns of Covid-19, it is unfair for these hardworking student-athletes who have worked their lives to see a dream like this come true. These young athletes have worked tirelessly, overcame many obstacles, and made some very positive decisions to get to this level in Illinois High School Sports. Many of these Seniors have worked their whole lives for this moment, only to have their dreams crushed by a quick decision. Please take the necessary measures to let us play. I invite you to partake in the journey to getting sports back.                                                             #LetUsPlay

Marco Briseno
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Petition to McKinley Mall Managment

To Save the McKinley Mall Food Court

We are trying to save the McKinley Mall in Hamburg NY, a small mall that has had rough times through the last five years. But we want to bring this mall back to the was it was five years ago starting with the food court, but the biggest then the mall would have to do is update the food stalls and bring them up to close because right now they are way too dated. We want to bring back the Food Court we all know and love because I know when I'm at the mall I want food and the food court was always the place to go but it currently sits vacant and needs to be brought back to the way it was before. The mall is a place for the Hamburg community and a nice place to shop and bringing back the food court would tremendously help the mall get back on its feet and get rolling again. Also bring back the food court will raise the mall occupancy level and add value to the property. The food court can fit nine food stalls and before the Covid-19 lockdowns the mall still had four food stalls but is now now to zero and that is not helping the malls value at all. Whether the food court is filled with small businesses or national chain restaurants, the food court will be a nice place to eat once again. To reopen the food court the mall will need to renovate the food stalls to bring them up to code and my current goal is 5k signatures but it would be great to get 10k. Then once that goal is reached, the mall can bring the food stalls up to code and the food court can host restaurants once again!!!!

Steve Walters
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