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Extend Eviction Moratorium and Support

Extend and Support a Wisconsin Eviction Moratorium February 1st will be a traumatic day for thousands of Wisconsinites. When the CDC Moratorium on evictions is lifted on January 31st, some 35,700-75,500 Wisconsin households will face housing disruption or eviction filings. What will follow will not be the happy end of 2020 we all anticipated, but another year of economic devastation, COVID sickness and death, and despair. The three moratoriums we’ve seen in Wisconsin have mitigated economic disaster. In April, some 415,557 people were unemployed, a 400% increase from March, when COVID first hit. During the moratoriums, people have found work without worry of payments or evictions, with just 156,549 people unemployed in November. However, this progress will evaporate when the millions in rental debt is due and thousands of renters are evicted, hurting all of us—renter and landlord, urban and rural. Evictions will also increase COVID sickness and death. The lifting of state moratoriums across the country last year resulted in 433,700 new cases and 10,700 deaths. This is likely to be even worse given that the new B.1.1.7 variant is 50-70% more transmissible than the original virus. Shamefully, despite these ongoing and impending crises, our state legislators have done nothing. They haven’t passed a single piece of legislation in more than 8 months. That’s why  we need our mayors and city council members to step up—calling on state legislators to act and promoting local solutions. Specifically, we call upon our local leaders to:   1. Provide government financial assistance to help all Wisconsin renters pay off all outstanding rental debts (i.e. The Right to Shelter Fund). 2. Provide rental assistance to tenants and small landlords moving forward to help ensure renters do not subsequently accrue debts, and to help small landlords get by with little to no revenue streams. This funding can be modeled off of Governor Evers’ $25,000,000 Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program which used CARES Act funding to provide rent and security deposits to landlords on behalf of tenants who qualified.Cancel accruing late payment fees. Not only do these fees add to the sum total of debt, but they also, in effect, penalize tenants monthly for failing to pay, even if they want to and are unable. 3. Provide dedicated case-by-case support to tenants who have been evicted in the last nine months. Although the moratoriums have prevented many people from being evicted, 800-3,000 households have nonetheless been evicted per month, depending on the relevant moratorium. For example, the CARES Act saw 2,300-2,400 households evicted in Wisconsin monthly due to its narrow federal mortgage qualifications, in contrast to the some 800 households evicted per month during Governor Evers’ moratorium. 4. Publicize and spread the details of the moratorium as much as possible, working with partner organizations, activists, and courts to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the status of their debts, future payments, and legal challenges. In particular, make it a priority to inform as many BIPOC and low-income households as possible are aware of the moratorium and its implications.Call on the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to provide regulatory protections against landlords gouging rental prices for renters who are able (as well as those not able) to pay.  We all want 2021 to be a new chapter, but if we continue to do nothing or take insufficient steps to delay our problems, 2021 may be even worse yet than last year. None of us want that. In solidarity, The Rural and Urban Communities United in Solidarity Coalition (RUCUS) North Side Rising Our Wisconsin Revolution Rise Wisconsin

Bruce Grau
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Petition to President Joe Biden


We the undersigned request Pres. Joe Biden sign an executive order granting Predatory Lending and Front Loading Interest Amnesty to those classified as African Americans, American Descendants of Slavery ( ADOS) or once classified as Negroes, Coloreds,  Copper Colored, and Black Indians of North America. We ask that the executive order instruct Pres. Biden economic team and Commerce Secretary, Gov. Gina Reimondo to create a plan designated to specifically eliminate past negative Credit history caused by Predatory Lending and Front Loaded Interest, reported by the three credit reporting agencies: Equifax; Experian; TransUnion; they are all publicly traded , for profit companies. African Americans, American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) or once classified as Negroes, Coloreds, Black Indians of North America our communities have a challenge with not only everyday life but economics. We are the primary targets for predatory lenders and unusual lending practices. If we come togather one step at a time maybe, we can help some people in the long run. Our first step is to bar pre-calculated interest adjustment loans. Companies have created something called interest adjustment loans. This allows the companies to charge the entire amount of interest on the loans before the time accrue. They list principle and combined interest as account balance so there is no consideration of early payments. Second step is to expose the financial consequences of redlining and correct this institutional racism that is common practice that started in the segregation era and continue to this day. Predatory Lending and Front-Loading interest businesses specifically target minorities and allows the Racial Wealth Gap to continue to grow exponentially and create areas of bad credit communities. According to ADOS co- founder Antonio Moore, the average White middle-class Family has $120,000 in wealth and the average Black middle-class Family has $1,700. So if the White bread winner lose his or her job they have $120,000 to draw off while the Black Family has $1,700. Bad credit makes it difficult to get a good paying job to getting a descent place to live. We have generational members of Boomers, Gen- X, Gen- Y, and Gen- Z with bad credit because of these Predatory Lending and Front-Loaded Industry. These companies will continue to be disrespectful and condescending to our Comunities. One example of many is the practice of placing kill switches in cars. Some car dealerships will turn the car off if a customer is late on payment. Not only is this disrespectful but dangerous. Let us force them to complete in the free market and stop creating bad loans. In the absence of true economic inclusion or policies specifically targeting the racial wealth gap, Predatory Loan Credit Amnesty For African Americans is a grassroot effort seeking a fresh start in the community. Will you join us in our efforts to bring financial Literacy and proper Legislation in our communities paving a way to reducing the wealth gap and inequality.      

Willie Sallee
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Petition to Sweetie Nelson, Kirk Caldwell, David Ige, Malynne Simeon, Andria Tupola, Kathy Sokugawa, Hon. Star-Advertiser, Dir. Michelle Nekota, Mindy Pennybacker

Stop the Ko Olina resort management’s illegal discrimination against public beach-goers

The beautiful Ko Olina lagoons are beaches that local people and visitors alike have enjoyed for many years.  With the advent of  the COVID 19 pandemic, it is shockingly clear Ko Olina management, particularly the resorts (Disney Aulani, 4 Seasons, Beach Villas, and the Marriott) are  pretending public entry and use of the lagoon areas are under their control—THEY ARE NOT! Although the resort property inland from the natural coastline is private, public access to the area is guaranteed by law.  Their new draconian “entry rules" violate the conditions of the Resolutions that they signed with the Honolulu City and County's Department of Planning and Permitting before they were even allowed to develop their resort property. According to Resolutions 86-61 and 86-09, Ko Olina is required to provide and maintain 4 public comfort stations, 4 public access ways to the ocean, and 150 public parking spaces REGARDLESS of any operating “safety” conditions not specifically mandated by the State of Hawaii. Despite the local community efforts to regain public access, Ko Olina continues to illegally choke off public parking lot capacity citing “safety considerations.”  The resorts have their own fully-operational parking garages for their private tourist visitors where “safety” apparently isn’t a concern.    Amazingly, the residents that live in the Ko Olina community and pay their dues in HOA fees towards the lagoons are treated like the general public and are discriminated from free entry with the “New “Opening Plan”.  The Cove ONE and FOUR  public parking lots are only open to 50% capacity. Cove Two is segregated for the Ko Olina residents, yet the Ko Olina residents pay dues for all FOUR lagoons.  Ko Olina residents and the public in general must be able to access ALL of the lagoons!  Residents are excluded from decisions about public access to the lagoons. These private owners pay 40% of their  HOA dues towards the maintenance of the coves.    Please sign the e-petition to make a stand for the future generations of Hawaii’s people: Mayor Caldwell, City Officials, and Ko Olina management, we call on you to stop alienating the people of Hawaii! Stop catering to rich corporations and their private tourists above the general public.  We, the residents of Ko Olina and the citizens of O'ahu  call on Ko Olina Resorts  to honor the agreements that they accepted in order to build resorts in Ko Olina in the first place.  Reopen completely ALL public parking at Ko Olina!

Jessica Waller
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