Coronavirus Tuition Refunds

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Petition to President of Fairleigh Dickinson University Christopher A. Capuano, Debra V. Jones President Chair of Board of Governors, Fairleigh Dickinson Uiniversity, Senate President Deirdre Collier, State Director at The Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Errol Bruce


Due to COVID-19, Fairleigh Dickinson University has decided on a hybrid learning system which like many other universities involves a remote learning system in order to prevent the spread of the virus. This alternative learning style results in a shortage of our complete learning experience in the Fall of 2020 by three weeks. Although these necessary precautions will help better the health of our students and assist us on the path to recovery from this pandemic, remote learning does not substitute for our in-class learning experience along with other on-campus services. As we look into other alternatives for our education we must also take into consideration what is at loss for each student and try to accommodate these needs.  It is not just for students to be forced to pay tuition at full price with the reduction of an annual 3% tuition rate when we will be losing the opportunity to utilize resources we normally would while being on campus. Freezing the tuition rate does not account for the loss of time and educational experience from the Fall semester. We should not be paying the full tuition price if not receiving all the benefits that are involved with the cost, such as computer lab access, fast speed internet connection, dining hall expenses, campus life organizations and most importantly face-to-face learning. As a student, my online learning experience in the Spring of 2020, did not nearly scratch the surface of the infinite learning opportunities that would have been granted to me as an on-campus student. We are all facing extreme financial hardships brought upon us by the pandemic.  I urge you all to help change this financial decision that affects each and every one of our students at Fairleigh Dickinson University. We cannot rebuild when not given the chance to take a breath, give our students and families a break, financially, for the betterment of our overall academic success.  Please sign and share this petition with your peers, families, and other public platforms to help prevent this extra burden on our lives. 

Stephanie Barbosa
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Petition to Columbia University, Columbia College, Suzanne B. Goldberg, Ira Katznelson, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of General Studies, Barnard

Partial Tuition Reimbursement at Columbia University

On March 12, 2020, faced with the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus in New York City and beyond, Columbia University announced their decision to move all classes to Zoom, an online video communications and conferencing tool. While we recognize and sympathize with the difficult position that the Coronavirus has put Columbia University in, this transition to online classes represents a notable reduction in educational and instructional quality, which we fear will negatively affect our educational and professional outcomes moving forward. Further, we fear that the quality of education we will be receiving will not be commensurate with costly tuition payments made in January of this year. In addition to a reduction in educational quality, other unintended consequences of the Coronavirus, including cancelled talks on campus, networking events, and reduced face-to-face time with professors and colleagues, threaten to negatively affect our short and long-term professional outcomes. This is a particularly worrying prospect for those of us graduating in 2020, as we will likely find ourselves graduating into a recession (which, as the 2008 crisis demonstrated, can have a lifelong negative impact on earnings). With this in mind, we call upon the University to address the reduction of educational quality that the transition to online classes represents, as well as the negative professional impacts of reduced networking opportunities and cancelled campus events, by providing students with a partial tuition reimbursement. We note that the University has a sizable endowment at their disposal and could use some of these funds to help protect their students (who themselves represent future donors) during these trying times. Thank you for your reading and sharing.

B Felix
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Petition to University of California Santa Cruz, The University of California

Tell UC Santa Cruz to STOP PROFITING OFF OF STUDENTS who care for family members.

Please sign our petition demanding that UCSC administrators STOP EXPLOITING AND CREATING PROFITS FROM STUDENTS WHO CARE FOR FAMILY MEMBERS.  Do not increase the rent for families who have to remain in Family Student Housing past June 2020.  Reduce rental payments to take students and their families out of rent burden. On April 5th, 2020, dozens of residents in Family Student Housing (FSH) at UC Santa Cruz submitted a plea to the state of California’s largest landlord; the University of California. They asked UC Santa Cruz in particular to make an ethical and compassionate decision: cancel rent for all of its family housing units for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis (198 units not all of which are occupied). At the very least, the letter asked UCSC not to raise the rent during this economically and emotionally debilitating time of crisis.  The UCSC response to this letter included  “As VC Latham noted in her response on April 7, there are significant ongoing costs to operate housing on the campus as long as students remain in residence. In light of this, it will not be possible to waive rental payments... Similarly, annual fee increases are necessary to keep pace with rising costs associated with all areas of housing operations… [and] to remain solvent and able to provide housing, annual increases are a necessity.”  ~Dave Keller, Executive Director, Housing Services Right now, the University of California, Santa Cruz administration is considering increasing monthly rent payments for those living in Family Student Housing past June 2020. Residents in Family Student Housing are some of the university’s most vulnerable students. We already face a tremendous amount of insecurity as we scramble to have all of the basic needs of our families met, and as we currently pay 50%-94% of our incomes back to our landlord/employer (UCSC) just for housing expenses. Residents in UCSC’s Family Student Housing pay some of the highest rental rates for university family housing across the UC system and the buildings we live in were constructed in 1970. The amount of monthly rent paid by students in FSH to the UC is not “to remain solvent.” UCSC has been exploiting its students living in FSH to embellish university profits.   Please sign our petition demanding that UCSC administrators STOP EXPLOITING AND CREATING PROFITS FROM STUDENTS WHO CARE FOR FAMILY MEMBERS.      

melissa svigelj-smith
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