Josh Hawley's Resignation or Expulsion From The Senate

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Josh Hawley, over the last ten days, has defended and advocated for protests in Washington D.C., including calling for objections to the certification of democratically counted votes. These actions emboldened the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol Building in an attempt to overturn the democratic elections. Such terrorists vandalized the Capitol and forced the recess of the Joint Session of Congress, as well as the evacuation of members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence. 

Prior to the Joint Session, Hawley was photographed raising his fist in solidarity with these terrorists. Let that sink in. Josh Hawley is a supporter of terrorism. 

America and Missouri deserve more from their senators. Senators who push for insurrection and help orchestrate a coup do not deserve to remain in office. While Josh Hawley is certainly not the sole person to blame, his role in supporting, organizing, and encouraging domestic terrorists disqualifies him from representing Missourians and Americans. 

While I hope Hawley has enough shame to resign his office, his inability to distinguish good from evil to this point makes me doubt his emotional capacity. Therefore, while I call for his resignation, I also call on Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer to remove a cancer from the Senate's body. 

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